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Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Yet another bump pic...

Good times...

Sweet baby girl~ we can't wait to me you.

This little tiny baby
Was sent from God above
To fill our hearts with happiness
And touch our lives with love
He must have known
We'd give our all
And always do our best
To give our precious baby love
And be grateful and so blessed

Daddy's hands...

Just reminds me of the "Daddy's Hands" song...

This was the best time during the pregnancy... I was feeling good,
we were starting to feel confident about our natural birth plan, and
excitement was mounting to meet our baby girl!

~The Bump~

Ah... baby days...
Perhaps its the fact that our baby girl is 17 mos. old and not so much a baby anymore, or that she's almost talking, or that we're ready for another blessing, or that the holidays (a time of memory making) are quickly approaching, but I just felt the need to post some old baby bump pics... some of you didn't get to see any of these pics when we were prego- so... here you go. What a precious time...

This is momma at about 38 weeks.
I love this shirt & secretly can't wait to get prego again so I can wear it...haha!

Friday, November 9, 2007

What's with this weather?!

Not that I'm complaining but wow has it been warm... i bet the trees and flowers are going crazy deciding whether to go dormant or not. But, I know I haven't gone dormant... I've been super busy soaking up all OG has to offer, spreading the news about Bright Minds, and being a wife & MOM!

Ok, so I'm working @ OG, WM, and doing the Bright Minds thing-- can we multi-task? But you all know I wouldn't be happy just doing 1 thing... I must, I must, I must increase my bust ($$ that is)... CA has been uber busy at MW (good thing considering they are usually dead by November-- another reason the weather has been great!) and Miss Bailee is lovin' life! She's signing and talking like crazy, stacking/unstacking, lovin' the zoo, shopping, and cooking! Oh, to be a toddler again... oh ya, did I tell everyone that she's doing #2 in the toilet (without prompt)?? So exciting... she just comes to me and signs bathroom then we go... amazing. I figure that's a huge accomplishment for 16 months so we'll work on the whole sha-bang soon. CONGRATS to our little potty animal!

M. today~
1. Heinckers' house- get Bright Minds stuff (from the general store yesterday- we had a fair turn out, but Toni's having new stuff each week so hopefully we'll have a good turn out the next few Thursdays-- putting out a sign next week... wanted to give the invitees first dibs this week).
2. Office Max-- some good cheap stuff for the biz, etc.
3. Mystery shop (finish up)
4. Clean the house
5. R & R (I need it!)
6. 2 Bros (gotta get our live music in... can't wait to tape B again!)
7. K's Candle party

~Ok, off to do it!

Whoa doggie... almost a month!

Well, I succeeded in NOT blogging for the last 20+ days, so here I am blushing and getting caught up.
Let's see... we'll start with Miss Bailee's first "real" Halloweenie & trick-or-treating (well, kinda) adventure. First, she donned the Bee costume at the WMG party (fun although we didn't get to see anyone... I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off... oh man! that's what I should have been for Halloween...) I received a call from my dear friend, Cindy, to offer me a job at the OG-- ok, THANKS & I'll give it a try so that Monday I met the ever infamous manager Lisa. She's a pistol that's for sure... no cutting corners with her-- YES! Finally and since I'm only going to pick up the BEST (meaning shortest shift for most $$$) a few times a week-- I think I am going to LOVE it! Wanna here my PACE wine presentation? No?! Oh well, here it is anyway cuz darn-it people like me! lol... "Hi! Welcome to OG, how is everyone tonight? Awesome- well, may I suggest our Principato Rosato, its our house wine made especially for OG. This wine is light-bodied and semi-sweet and our guests just love it-- it happens to be my favorite as well! If you'd like, I can pour you a glass for 25 cents which we donate to Big Brothers, Big Sisters.... or, if you'd rather, I would love to suggest our ice cold Italian Margarita.. a little different than a regular margarita since it has OJ in it and its a lot of fun with the orange sugar rim. Which of those can I start you out with?" What did you think?! Be honest! Ok... I regress... back to Halloween!
Oh, after our set-up/tear-down adventure at the party I had the brilliant idea to go to PI (Potrait Innovations) to take a few shots of our little bumble bee... wow-- was that the wrong answer haunz... after waiting 2hrs and trying to keep my child away from all the sicky babies (HELLO! Why would you take your sick child out for pictures!? I mean we're talking fevers & chills not just runny noses-- are you kidding me?!) we got the annoying photographer (you know the one that doesn't take enough pics... or waits for the "right moment" to take the pic (um... suggestion... she's a TODDDLER-- there isn't a "right" moment! Just take the PICTURE!) I just wanted to grab that camera right out of the his hands... gggrr... Anyway, then we get super slow turtle, "ok... we're going to look at each one and compare..." (while you hold your squirmy, tired, hungry, little girl... ok? smiles) I got pretty irritated and just told him I'll take the $10 thing and I would suggest he not try to up-sell... eek! Not usually my pleasant self but hey-- I gave them enough of my $$$$ (time is money right?!) So, regardless we got some cute pics (minus the antennaes or bow-- grrr... haha, gotta love our baldy bee) and passed them out at Oct. B-day dinner the next day-- G-ma H was ecstatic... about time slacker DIL. LOL, just kidding... she was very appreciative. Ok, I know...some of you don't have your pics yet... I'm getting there! SO then I get home and I'm supposed to go to an adult H-party but I don't have my costume ready, CA says he's not dressing up (but he was dressed to go out) and I'm exhausted and pissed so ya... no party-- sux! cuz I love Halloween-- well, any reason to dress up like one of my 10 personalities... haha, Oh bother, maybe next year.
So.... Oct. 31st-- Bailee was a Bumble Bee and after a quick bite of dinner at the house we headed to our good friend's house to see her little ninja & witch (cute!) then we hopped over to Father's house (no Fr.B but Fr.C was there and his sweet self...) the Sanders had a blast & the little Bee even let them hold her-- S (her nanny this past summer) came home just to see her for a bit... awe... then to the Gerbers (where M & B were home to have a pumpkin' carvin' contest) for some candy and ahhhs... off to FV where Auntie M was workin' and dressed like a "rock star" (cop-out) but she was a very proud auntie... and then off to our last stop- the Grands Heinckers... they loved her up and in G-ma's true fashion gave her some Halloweenie goodies (a purse of course and a book)... then we got our little Bee in PJs and she drifting off dreaming of why she went around saying twix-o-wheat I'm sure... Good-bye October.