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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

2 down 2 to go...

So... the M.O.M. went well just a little late.
1. I got the house in order for the most part (still need to get the office back in order since I have so many projects going but that's easy to hide).

2. Got the scrapbooking stuff ready to go!

Whoohoo-- feel like I accomplished something.
We had a great time at Rosary group today that is until Bailee had a melt-down and we had to exit promptly so we could spare the others the tantrum. But overall, good day.

Ok, off to "work".


Monday, October 15, 2007


Blogging is more than writing. It’s forming friendships, and sharing inspiration, and working with others to build something greater than you are alone. How is that for a definition?

by Jim Durbin, social media consultant


My sister just graduated-- whoohoo for her-- we're sooo proud! Watch out WORLD!

Sooooo... Bailee has this obsession with greeting cards, right? (ok, most any paper product-- don't know where she gets her love of fiber from? :: whistling and avoiding eye contact ::) so anyway she asked nicely (with her please sign) if she could see Marisa's congratulatory card-- it was too cute! Of course you get it, it said Conga-rats on it & get this, it played that conga song (oh, you know the one, I can't remember the name, where you shake your hips quickly & look like a dork & they sing really fast, oh shoot- what is it?!) anyway, she proceeded to open and close it over and over and to everyone's amusement dance her little buns off! She even got in her mini coupe (Gp-Reeds are jealous...hehe) and then it converted to a sub woofer stereo... she was the coolest todd on the block! I'll post pics when I get a darn USB cord for my camera.... gggrrr... don't get me started!

*If you think I'm cute, you should see my dad!*

Our new SAHM days... *ADLs*

You've probably been pondering what this acronym is (this world is a mine-field of acronyms isn't it?!) Well, wonder no more-- Activities of Daily Living (thx to my CNA training--oop! there's another one, haha!)
Long story short-- I am desperately trying to simplify my life, get organized, serve my fellow human, find other income opps. (so I can continue to stay home & still do crazy things like... oh say, eat!) and be the best wife and mother all the while following God's will. Not a small task I know, but that's my mission.

The past 2 weeks, Bailee and I have been busying ourselves with alternative-income searching, playdates (we expanded to 2 online moms' groups: WMG & TWMG-- we love them both for different reasons) the pumpkin patch being last week's highlight, praying more, hitting the Y, purging the house and even bartering and selling a few things, cooking and baking (and overall eating better-- eating out once a week, if even that--whoohoo!), finding ways to be more frugal, cloth-diapering full-time, decorating the house, g-saling, making new and catching up with old friends, meeting neighbors, visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, discovering the world, learning sign, and in general doing all the things that we never had time to do before I was a SAHM. Whew! It feels good to be HOME but not so good on the checkbook... working on that (if you have any ideas, shoot them over here!

PS. In regard to what I can do... most anything I put my mind to (can we say, YES WE CAN!) and my only real requirement is I raise my child & paying the mortage wouldn't hurt either...

~Ciao (til nap time)

sssshhhh.... we're hunting that rascally...


FINALLY! I got to sleep on the guest bed (our old bed) under the scratchy-softness of the "blue blanket" that came from who-knows-where, U.S. with my baby girl nursing tenderly at my breast and the pohbia-inducing sound of those black little evils... (you know what I'm talking about) outside. Other than the "evils", I can't imagine a more wonderful way to drift off to never-never land... you know, I haven't been able to recall a dream in ages. Well, at least 16 mos. or so, because it was during my pregnancy with Bailee, I think? Hhhhmmm... maybe that should be my goal- set my mind at ease so I can enjoy a dream again.

Ok, so today's M.O.M

1. Get the house back in tip-top shape (the fun's over-back to "normal") and put all these darn flies out of their misery.
~THANKS to all that joined us this weekend to celebrate the notorious trio's b-days! We had a fly-swattin' good time in the man cave (uh oh, have we entered r-neck ville?) nope, just another Heincker/Reed get together. We love you ALL!

2. Read A Mother's Rule of Life (Chapter #1) with the Scripture!
Now that I'm "home" I need to get this in gear... looking for some Christ-centered organization in your life you can LIVE with? Check it out: A Mother's Rule of Life.

3. Get all my scrapbook stuff together to sell.
I decided last night that I am never going to get hard-copy scrapbooks done to my perfection status so I might as well stop trying to get that clutter out of my life and move on! I'm going to look into getting a digi-scrap kit and get some awesome scrapbooks printed (binded and everything-- anyone want one??)
a. CA & I's love dash (b4 marriage, wedding, honeymoon, b4 B)
b. Our baby dash (b4 our 2 angels, preggo w/B, Bailee's here!)
c. Bailee's dash (preg, birth, firsts, conferences & travels... oh my, going to have to be picky picky... as G-ma R says, don't ask Janine if she has any pics of Bailee)
d. Janine's YM dash (Sacred Heart, SEAS)
e. I know there is something else I'm missing... maybe a "You know you live in Wichita if..."

4. Work on work options.
a. Part-time lucrative job to pay bills NOW! (know of any?)
b. Still toying with the daycare, teaching, small-biz options...
c. CNA agency options are getting slim... have to have 1 yr. of experience in 3-- hello! I've been serving youth, but maybe AS can help me out...
d. Bright Minds
-call Vicky (confer, etc.)
-book 2 workshops
-read 1/2 of consultant book

Between that and the ADLs, that is more than enough to keep us busy today. Wish us luck!

NOTE TO SELF: cut & paste so you actually do it JANINE!

CA says manic-- I say efficient.

~First spit on the page at 5a~

I can't seem to go to sleep... I know part of it is my stress level around our situation-- my instinct , to stay home but for some reason our govt. doesn't want to pay mommas to care for their OWN children... sigh, a whole other story. I'm still up at 3am... I just seem to get so much more down at night. I can still remember my mom being up at all hours baking, sewing, making holiday treasure baskets and you name it so we could have all the niceties of having a SAHM all the while being a WAHM-- that woman's a saint.

Ok, I'm going to take my baby girl to bed and try to get some sleep... sigh.

Night, well actually morning!

~De-coded at 9:30a for clarity~

I'm bringin' home a baby bumbleBEE!

Bailee Elizabeth Heincker

You know that spark that some people lose when they "have no reason for living"? Well, this girl can bring it back. Not only can she bring it back she can amplify it. If her fiery wisps of hair and gentle brown eyes don't get you, her communication will. She'll wow you with her complicated "words" or sign (ASL) you into the next room or mommy's favorite-- BOTH! Or, here's the aaahhh... she'll hug you and pat you on the back like we do to her to soothe her... it is precious! She is the light of our life and now almost everyone that meets her as well. I read once that there are angels on earth and at the risk of sounding cliché Bailee has made me a *BELIEVER*. I don't know what CA and I did to deserve such a precious gift, but we feel so blessed.

We love you Bailee "Bee"

~Thank you God~


J9 is my name (or what I like to be called) -look hard at Janine, got it? Let me help... Ja-nine. Ah ha! I knew you'd get it! Now, pronunciation is another story. Moving on...

I was born in Walla Walla, WA and raised in KS. A long list of craziness later (we'll get into childhood oddities later) and I found myself studying undergraduate psychology (one of my many passions) at FHSU where I met the dislike-of-my-life. No, really I disliked him very much (other emotions could be used here, but we're being positive remember?)... long story short, we both grew in many ways-- the only one worth mentioning here is together and pledged our vows to FOREVER in June 2004. After running a farm, dealing with a landlord, and blazin' trails in Hawaii, we rented a "fixer-upper" (understatement) in E-town and I found my 2nd calling-- youth minister. After one trying year of growth and learning with a few sad moments (2 angels in heaven, although as I always believed but had not experienced until then-- suffering is a blessing in disguise) and another super exciting and pukie moment(s)-- I had a little heart-beat within (not going to try to put that into words right now)... Carl found his 2nd calling and big break (Mgr. at a "local" home products Co.--we couldn't be prouder!) in his hometown so off we trekked to the in-laws house (they graciously let us live there until we found our own place) and the adventure continued...
Several hundred highway miles to the birth center in Yoder, KS, many resources on various topics: bargain shopping, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, thoughtful parenting, Dr.Sears, babywearing, married vocation, raising saints and what the Catholic church teaches about breastfeeding, yoga poses, holistic thinking, hot water pulse showers, yummy mummy & TLC episodes, several consignment sales (my favs), an online mom community, hours of research (BOOKS), twelve birth classes, pictures, magazine clippings, food diaries, refreshing my ASL signing skills, pilates, meditative exercises, river/zoo/mall/target-walks, and 6 hrs of natural labor later we were blessed with the most beautiful copper-topped, brown-eyed, gentle-souled, snuggle-bug, baby girl... Bailee Elizabeth.

I read recently, "two things must be nurtured in the home: love and self-sacrifice." Sincere parental love gives a child security, purpose, and direction. Self-sacrifice remains the basis of order in the home. That is what I feel God has called me to... the HOME... I feel so blessed to be able to say that confidently-- I'm a uber happy wife who was guided to her best-half and M.O.M. (mom on a mission) to Miss Bailee "B". She has changed my life... physically, emotionally, spiritually, and any other 'ally you can think of. I am so blessed. I can only hope that God has other little ones in our future.
"A person's a person no matter how small"
~Horton (Dr.Seuss)

Almost the same time I helped bring Bailee into the world, I accepted another youth minister position at SEAS and after another 14mos. of growth and struggles, my heart couldn't take it anymore... I needed to be home to raise my own children right now. I couldn't keep working this much and taking her to babysitter after babysitter, watching her cry in her sleep, have her cling to me when I was there... she needs her MOM. So, just recently (Oct. 1, '07) I resigned to focus on the HOME entirely, tough decision for SO many reasons, but it's where I am called at this time. See SEAS appreciation and farewell. And now I'm a happy but somewhat lost SAHM.

So, that's where I came from (in a nutshell--haha!)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Live, learn, laugh, and love...

Well, I finally did it... I bit the blogging bullet and did it! I finally found a place to journal without having to worry about "what others will say" when I die and someone reads that!! Nope, I will put it online (can we say transparent) and post positive thoughts (mostly) and share the happenings of those that God has entrusted to my care. Our mission- should we accept- is to get to Heaven. My hope is that my little normalities in the breadbasket of the U.S. will help someone out there to not feel; how shall we say it, alone. Isn't that why we are all here... to share our suffering so that others don't suffer so much? Isn't that what blogging is, if not narcissistic, a chance to help others. God give me the grace to... live, learn, laugh, and love. +

Disclaimer: My opinion of a blog and a tattoo (which I happen to be the proud owner of both, as of today) is very similar; both are things people attain to set themselves apart and express themselves. Ironically they dive bomb into the majority... BUT I guess I'm ok with being "normal" now that I've decided why I'm doing this... not for me but for all those who need to read something positive in this sad, sad world (so many reasons I chose the non-descriptive adjective sad). ~stay tuned~

**If you have a minute sign the guest book and/or comment on the norm.
Whoohoo-- J9 is a BLOGGER!**