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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Okay, so before I actually experienced it, I didn't fully believe that you explode WAY sooner with #2-- but now I am a true believer! You'll see...

I really would love to stay home to have this one but I'm going to have to work on my debate skills to make that happen (if CA has anything to say about it). Something to do with insurance not covering us... bleh!

Just for reference.... here I was at **OK, I'm looking for that pic**
~Baby sickness is wearing off so things are looking up especially since its crazy as usual around here- Wish us luck!

Here's the baby bump today 1/31/07-- we'll figure out how many weeks later...

Next Birth Center visit on Feb. 7th-- We'll try to figure out how far and when we can do the sono. to be "sure" and find out if Bailee's baby is a BOY or GIRL!

Slowing down...

The last month or so has been a whirl-wind of in's.... MOMin', workin', schoolin' (online at HCCC), and just livin' but somehow it all caught up with me and I (or actually the nudge was from my little bean) decided I need to slow down-- I'm not old, I'm not ill, and I'm certainly NOT going to jeopardize this precious life within me to do what I want!

I need to run a bubble bath, throw in some rose petals, grab my toddler (who is 20m going on 4 over night!) and have a nice relaxing soak in the tub of patience...

I dropped A&P, sigh... that just means my health-care advancement is just that much farther away but the more I interview (ya, they love talking about themselves) the veteran nurses at Welsey the more I realize how far ahead I really am... many of them are in their 50's, grandparents (yes, there are more men nurses than you think!), and this is their 1st degree and they have only been a nurse (some of them) for 2-5yrs. I've come to an understanding with myself... I don't have to get my nursing degree in 2yrs like I had planned, I don't have to kill myself working 2 jobs (both in the evening/night hours so I don't have to send my child to the RSV ridden daycares) while trying to take intensive and un-supported online courses, being a MOM, and all the other stuff that comes with being a urban momma to 2 and wife to a hard-working man who does way too much around the house... what I need is to slow down.

So, I'm going to really take in the sights and smells of my toddler (I got in "the tent" for the 1st time today-- wow, that's sad... Bailee was ecstatic!) and this new life blossoming within.

For now, I will work as much as needed to provide for my little ones and that's it... I will start practicing for H2 next week when a little boy joins our fun at-home schedule, I'll pray more, read more, play more (everyone knows playing is learning) - tent tea-parties here we come, and go from there... and NOT feel like I have to do it all now.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Even snapped a quick one before the bow came out!!! Never thought it was possible. A mommy friend made this adorable shirt for us-- here's her website-- she has some precious personalized tea sets as well.... You go Nicole!

"Grandad Mike & me"

"I HATE changing clothes!"

Christmas Day!

Ok, so 1 tiny little detail we didn't share about Christmas day-- we found out Miss Bailee's going to be a BIG SISTER! So, CA probably still doesn't want me to spread the news too far (based on our past pregnancy sadness) but I think life's too short and that's why you have family and friends-- to support and love you no matter what... so, here you go! And coming from me who doesn't share anything more than she HAS to, that's HUGE! We told the Reeds Jan.5/6 and then dropped Miss B off at the Heinckers on Jan. 11th-- the shirt was a huge success not to mention Miss B's toddler tantrums made for some fun-- "haha, you're going to have 2" jokes!

We're expecting H2-- due to arrive in Daddy's arms (Yoder Birth Center) in August sometime (we'll find out more exactly at our gender-guessing sonogram; 20 weeks or so)-- SO, whoohoo-- life is going to get even better! We can't wait & I think Daddy is even more excited this time around (less fear=more fun!) And I could just about pee my pants I'm sooo pumped... timing isn't great-- the LPN program starts in August too (that is if its God will and I get in) but we'll cross that bridge when it comes.

Here's a couple pics of the BIG SISTER in all her glory.

Christmas Eve with Grandma Toni-- unwrapping is serious biz.

On our way to Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus~ Christmas Day Mass ~

Our little Ballerina punk girl... Awe... mommy's so proud!