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Monday, December 31, 2007

Bailee's "first" Christmas

She loved loved loved the lights this year-- a family down the street from us does this whole crazy lights display (choreographed with their own AM radio station) and lets just say its awesome! Possible cause of epileptic seizures, I think so, but needless to say, Miss B was lovin't it!

After a long day of shopping (yes, we were shopping for Daddy on the eve...), we all had some snackies at G'ma H's and our little toddler got right down to business. I'm serious, if there were a job/college degree in gift unwrapping I think this little one would be #1 candidate. She was all business (and has the mullet to match)- making sure that every.last.bit.of.paper was off that present before she could open it or let anyone help her (ya right!) open it. She got some great edu. toys, dvds, and books. She had a blast and we all "tried" to go see Santa at the best lights display in town but after mom & dad got a cup of joe and hit the intersection she was asleep so ya, maybe next year St.Nick... but we did have a great time having some couple time under the 800,000 lights ARC display, it was great and well worth our donation!

Merry Christmas to us when Miss B decided to sleep in on Christmas day-- 8:30AM! WHOOT WHOOT! But this put us in a bit of a hurry to get presents opened (she didn't have a problem that morning), put on our Christmas best to wish Baby Jesus happy 2,000+ Birthday! **I forgot to make a cake-- note to self for next year... but Mass was nice until the little curious stinker got the fun "shaker" aka the cereal tupperware open and I just caught it before 800,000 cheerios went EVERYWHERE.. oh, to have kids and go to Mass-- what an adventure.

We hurried home, I scarfed down a sandwich and hurried off to Wesley for some more Christmas adventures while Dad & B headed to the farm for Christmas food and fun. Sick people don't take holidays?! What?! Needless to say there was a purpose in my working (reasons too long to type but thanks God for giving me the privilege) that day and I did my best to give all the fam. a call to wish them a Merry Christmas (didn't reach you all- sorry). After 12 grueling hours in every ICU in that hospital (as the only aide) I was home and fell asleep before I even hit the pillow... awe... sweet dreams.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bradley Births are special...

I think "Someone" with a capital "S" is knocking on my wanna-be educator door-- the Bradley Method of Birth training is coming to WICHITA! I have wanted to become a Bradley teacher since before I even finished my Bradley classes (thanks to my awesome Bradley teacher)... but the cost of the training + room & board (not to mention traveling at least 8hrs and taking a breastfeeding baby (by myself) never really made it possible... but NOW, I'm not pregnant (yet), I have a very helpful and wonderfully pleasant toddler baby girl (as well as hubby with great flexible job) and I would only have to come up with the cost of training not all the other expenses... whoohoo! I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about doing this... I already love to tell people about my AWESOME natural birth why not help others get just exactly that... the perfect birth!? OOOOoooohhhh... I'm getting sooo excited... granted the class isn't until May '08 but that gives me plenty of time to save, save, save so we don't have to leave this expense on our credit card! whoohooo!
Ok, so if you think you might be interested in coming... keep checking the site or my blog (I'm sure I'll update as soon as I know more)... we would love to have you in Wichita-- and who knows my hubby might even let me have some boarders ;)


My Bradley baby just 30 mins. after our meeting!
Isn't that handmade bonnet to die for?
We love the Yoder Birth & Women's Center!

Book buddy

Shauna from Shaunarumbling is our most recent addition to the writing team here at “5 Minutes for Mom”. Shauna will be interviewing bloggers and helping us bring you the best of blogging.

Shauna is a homeschooling Mom of two girls, a stepmom of one boy, and a freelance editor and writer. She was previously a staff editor for a publishing company and has an educational background in education and journalism. She loves reading, learning, and writing. Her primary blog is Shaunarumbling, where she discusses faith, family, books, and other topics. The Family Quilt highlights service ministries and organizations that provide opportunities for families to participate in community service projects together. At Treasure Seekers, Shauna talks about learning and education and seeks to encourage and empower parents to teach their children and be actively involved in their education, whether they’re homeschooled or public- or private-schooled.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Let's Say Thanks!

woohoo-- go KS kiddos! :)

I love this one made by some youngsters right in our backyard.


What a neat idea... this site sends your personal message to our troops on a real snail-mail postcard. What better time than now, when we remember the day that Jesus came to save us, tha we thank those who are our current "saviors" in far away lands.

God Bless you troops!

HATE the war- not the warriors!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Breast feast...

I like it, I like it a lot!

Youtube montage in case you missed it.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jeans that fit...

What a concept-- jeans made just for us... whether we're tall, big-boned, petite, skinny... doesn't matter-- these jeans are made just for YOU!

Just for you!

Check out 5minutesformom for a chance to win big-- $200 big!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Parents Mag toys & 5minsformom team up!


Here’s your chance to really have Santa come to town…

If we draw your name, you’ll win an amazing assortment of infant-to-preschool toys from the award winning Parents® Magazine toy line.

Parents Magazine BrandI bet almost every mom in America recognizes the Parents® Magazine brand. The magazine’s cover babies smile at you in the grocery check-out line and keep you company as you wait your turn at the pediatrician’s office.

But did you realize that Parents® Magazine brand is also behind an innovative toy collection that has won over 40 awards?

veggiepuzzle.jpgOnce you’ve watched your little ones play with these toys, you’ll understand why they’ve won so many awards.

The philosophy behind Parents® Magazine toys is “When the toy does less, the child does more.” Their toys will engage your child and keep them playing for hours. You’ll find they reach for their Parents® toys over and over again.

We have some of the musical Parents Magazine toys and BAILEE LOVES THEM!

~I wish you luck!

Party time!

My first every WMG
Gift/Cookie Exchange party-- fun for all!

Here's what I got! Ok, can't see it... Bath & Body Works gift card-- give me the Jasmine Vanilla and no one gets hurt.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A spoonful...

You find yourself blurry-eyed while rocking a raspy sick baby in the early hours of the morning... You have two options, call the doctor for a prescription or buy some dangerous OTC cough meds OR you can give them a spoonful of that sweet nectar (the darker the better) but it all makes a difference. Ok, I'm not exactly asking for the cold bug to visit but I do think I am a bit curious.

Nature knows best!

Monday, December 3, 2007


What is a Woobee?

Woobee is a highly effective and functional product line that is cozy for children and cool for parents. They specialize in ultra soft and absorbant burp cloths, bibs, and baby blankets which come in a wide range of colors and prints. The best part is the water resistant backing that keeps you and baby clean and dry.

Woobee is generously giving away a burp cloth & bib set to one lucky winner! To enter, just stop by the site before December 6th and check out all their cozy designs. Then visit and tell her about it...

That’s it! A random winner will be selected and notified on December 7th.

Good luck!

Christmas comes early...

Even though I NEVER win anything... We won gourmet chocolates courtesy of Mom Blogs
The five winners of our fifteenth contest will be enjoying chocolates from Ferrero: #64 Janine, (hubby's FB # backwards-- coinwinkidince-- I think not!). See- pigs do fly!

Enter to win a cool Comfy Baby PC-- here's hopin' we win!

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