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Friday, November 9, 2007

What's with this weather?!

Not that I'm complaining but wow has it been warm... i bet the trees and flowers are going crazy deciding whether to go dormant or not. But, I know I haven't gone dormant... I've been super busy soaking up all OG has to offer, spreading the news about Bright Minds, and being a wife & MOM!

Ok, so I'm working @ OG, WM, and doing the Bright Minds thing-- can we multi-task? But you all know I wouldn't be happy just doing 1 thing... I must, I must, I must increase my bust ($$ that is)... CA has been uber busy at MW (good thing considering they are usually dead by November-- another reason the weather has been great!) and Miss Bailee is lovin' life! She's signing and talking like crazy, stacking/unstacking, lovin' the zoo, shopping, and cooking! Oh, to be a toddler again... oh ya, did I tell everyone that she's doing #2 in the toilet (without prompt)?? So exciting... she just comes to me and signs bathroom then we go... amazing. I figure that's a huge accomplishment for 16 months so we'll work on the whole sha-bang soon. CONGRATS to our little potty animal!

M. today~
1. Heinckers' house- get Bright Minds stuff (from the general store yesterday- we had a fair turn out, but Toni's having new stuff each week so hopefully we'll have a good turn out the next few Thursdays-- putting out a sign next week... wanted to give the invitees first dibs this week).
2. Office Max-- some good cheap stuff for the biz, etc.
3. Mystery shop (finish up)
4. Clean the house
5. R & R (I need it!)
6. 2 Bros (gotta get our live music in... can't wait to tape B again!)
7. K's Candle party

~Ok, off to do it!

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