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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

momma J9's daycare

Hhhhmmm... that GCM pic below could apply to daycare too-- couldn't it?!
Ok, so I'm almost through Day 2 of mission CY... hehe, no he's really a sweetie.
His mom was watching Bailee when I was working and now I get to watch her little munchkin.
Yesterday went pretty well- considering he was really missing his mommy=neediness (thank goodness for the sling-- I didn't get a pic-- but he LOVED the kangaroo korner fleece sling!) and wanted to be held 24/7. They both had a time getting to know each other again- see B's blog for a pic! They even staggered their naps for this tired momma... whoohoo!

Today was a little better (as I expected)-- CY is not as needy and even played while I put the dishes away and then just crawled in the kitchen and asked for a bottle-- "mama"-- although he is really catching on to the signs-- not signing back but I think he kinda gets what I'm asking... they got along great although sharing EVERYTHING is very new to little miss "i'm the only child" here, but she's really trying. She'll give CY a toy for a few minutes then get panicky and take it back quick. Luckily CY is very used to other kids so I just march B off to her room, with a huge empathetic sigh (see Love & Logic) and an "I'm soo sorry you chose to take the toy from our guest..., it makes me really sad when you do that..., (speed it up a little and say): uh-oh little bit of bedroom time coming up here..." I know it sounds crazy but 5 out of the 10 times that I have to do that in a WEEK (yes, she's really getting it) I only have to "sigh" and she either stops what she KNOWS she's not supposed to be doing or just heads off to her room without a peep for a few minutes of quiet time. Ah, gentle discipline... we'll see how well it works at 13!!! Although, I have heard positive stories about the results. We can only hope. Paybacks are... well, you know.
Other than that they staggered their naps pretty well again giving me and B some mommy & me time to play, read, talk, potty-time, eat lunch, have a momma's milk snack, and rock to sleep. And I was even able to work on my online class and someone just started to talk to himself... hmmm... now he stopped. Oh, checked on him-- he's back asleep-- wow! tired little guy.
Awee... this just might work out okay. I'm even slightly inclined to take the Co.Health Dept. daycare course and pay to be registered so I could take 1 or 2 more kids in... while I'm working on whatever it is I'm working on (school, career, homeschooling, I don't know!) and keep doing a tiny bit at WMC (to keep my CNA active) and OG (just cuz the cash and interaction is nice, not to mention the discount!) OH my, I need to just think it through... well, no panic here?? No, never.... we'll see. Now, I just need a catchy name.... because everyone knows that's the MOST IMPORTANT... LOL

Until tomorrow's M.O.M.~ J9

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