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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Britches and Lace '08 a bust!

Okay, so 1 of 3 things happened last night... this is the 3rd time I've been to this particular consignment sale, so...
1. maybe I didn't "need" anything they had or I wasn't in the shopping/elbow your way through the crowds mood.
2. all the big items (double stroller, etc.) and outdoor stuff was staring me in the face with BIG fat orange SOLD signs on them (guess I need to consign and volunteer next time to get first dibs on good stuff)
3. i am just too picky (some of the stuff would have been useful but once you get used to g-sale prices its hard to go back to "i'm proud of my junk" consignment sale prices. I'm a 1/2 price girl and I won't be here on Saturday to soak that up... bummer!

So, anyway-- only came out with 4 things (nice perk to go straight to the register) but what a bummer. Good thing I didn't drive over there just for that. Did a mystery shop and had Carl to watch the B (they went playground shopping) so ya, it wasn't a total bust... oh ya, and NO maternity clothes my size... guess this breast feeding is taking a lot more inches off me than I thought. Crazy!

Better luck at the next 2 sales and g-sales this spring I HOPE!
Go to B's to see the dress I got her but other than that no pics... sorry-- camera is having issues... eek!

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