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Friday, June 6, 2008

2 yrs ago...

6-6-08... 2 years ago on this day I was receiving several "is the baby here yet?" calls today. Not because it was my due date but rather it was the dreaded 6-6-06. I thought this is crazy until I googled it and there were tons (I mean 100s) of moms/families that were opting for c-sections the day before to assure that their little babies were NOT born on the "red" day... sigh. Oh the babies that were hoping their mommies wouldnt' do that. Well, mother nature knew what she was doing and 2 days later our sweet Bailee arrived.

So... fast forward 2 days- a rainy, windy June evening brought our little silver neon to the Birth Center in Yoder KS and my mind is still swirling as to the actual events that night but I do know one thing-- I became a woman. I roared, I swayed, I danced, and I birthed naturally a beautiful 7lb 7oz baby girl right into her daddie's arms. It was the most powerful, beautiful event I have ever had the privilege of being a part of.

Happy 2nd birthday baby girl!

**And now we're on the downward slide to baby #2... can't wait to see how miraculous this time is. I'm REALLY looking forward to it and showing Bailee just how babies are born***

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