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Monday, October 15, 2007


My sister just graduated-- whoohoo for her-- we're sooo proud! Watch out WORLD!

Sooooo... Bailee has this obsession with greeting cards, right? (ok, most any paper product-- don't know where she gets her love of fiber from? :: whistling and avoiding eye contact ::) so anyway she asked nicely (with her please sign) if she could see Marisa's congratulatory card-- it was too cute! Of course you get it, it said Conga-rats on it & get this, it played that conga song (oh, you know the one, I can't remember the name, where you shake your hips quickly & look like a dork & they sing really fast, oh shoot- what is it?!) anyway, she proceeded to open and close it over and over and to everyone's amusement dance her little buns off! She even got in her mini coupe (Gp-Reeds are jealous...hehe) and then it converted to a sub woofer stereo... she was the coolest todd on the block! I'll post pics when I get a darn USB cord for my camera.... gggrrr... don't get me started!

*If you think I'm cute, you should see my dad!*

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