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Monday, October 15, 2007

Our new SAHM days... *ADLs*

You've probably been pondering what this acronym is (this world is a mine-field of acronyms isn't it?!) Well, wonder no more-- Activities of Daily Living (thx to my CNA training--oop! there's another one, haha!)
Long story short-- I am desperately trying to simplify my life, get organized, serve my fellow human, find other income opps. (so I can continue to stay home & still do crazy things like... oh say, eat!) and be the best wife and mother all the while following God's will. Not a small task I know, but that's my mission.

The past 2 weeks, Bailee and I have been busying ourselves with alternative-income searching, playdates (we expanded to 2 online moms' groups: WMG & TWMG-- we love them both for different reasons) the pumpkin patch being last week's highlight, praying more, hitting the Y, purging the house and even bartering and selling a few things, cooking and baking (and overall eating better-- eating out once a week, if even that--whoohoo!), finding ways to be more frugal, cloth-diapering full-time, decorating the house, g-saling, making new and catching up with old friends, meeting neighbors, visiting Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, discovering the world, learning sign, and in general doing all the things that we never had time to do before I was a SAHM. Whew! It feels good to be HOME but not so good on the checkbook... working on that (if you have any ideas, shoot them over here!

PS. In regard to what I can do... most anything I put my mind to (can we say, YES WE CAN!) and my only real requirement is I raise my child & paying the mortage wouldn't hurt either...

~Ciao (til nap time)

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