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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Live, learn, laugh, and love...

Well, I finally did it... I bit the blogging bullet and did it! I finally found a place to journal without having to worry about "what others will say" when I die and someone reads that!! Nope, I will put it online (can we say transparent) and post positive thoughts (mostly) and share the happenings of those that God has entrusted to my care. Our mission- should we accept- is to get to Heaven. My hope is that my little normalities in the breadbasket of the U.S. will help someone out there to not feel; how shall we say it, alone. Isn't that why we are all here... to share our suffering so that others don't suffer so much? Isn't that what blogging is, if not narcissistic, a chance to help others. God give me the grace to... live, learn, laugh, and love. +

Disclaimer: My opinion of a blog and a tattoo (which I happen to be the proud owner of both, as of today) is very similar; both are things people attain to set themselves apart and express themselves. Ironically they dive bomb into the majority... BUT I guess I'm ok with being "normal" now that I've decided why I'm doing this... not for me but for all those who need to read something positive in this sad, sad world (so many reasons I chose the non-descriptive adjective sad). ~stay tuned~

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