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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bradley Births are special...

I think "Someone" with a capital "S" is knocking on my wanna-be educator door-- the Bradley Method of Birth training is coming to WICHITA! I have wanted to become a Bradley teacher since before I even finished my Bradley classes (thanks to my awesome Bradley teacher)... but the cost of the training + room & board (not to mention traveling at least 8hrs and taking a breastfeeding baby (by myself) never really made it possible... but NOW, I'm not pregnant (yet), I have a very helpful and wonderfully pleasant toddler baby girl (as well as hubby with great flexible job) and I would only have to come up with the cost of training not all the other expenses... whoohoo! I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about doing this... I already love to tell people about my AWESOME natural birth why not help others get just exactly that... the perfect birth!? OOOOoooohhhh... I'm getting sooo excited... granted the class isn't until May '08 but that gives me plenty of time to save, save, save so we don't have to leave this expense on our credit card! whoohooo!
Ok, so if you think you might be interested in coming... keep checking the site or my blog (I'm sure I'll update as soon as I know more)... we would love to have you in Wichita-- and who knows my hubby might even let me have some boarders ;)


My Bradley baby just 30 mins. after our meeting!
Isn't that handmade bonnet to die for?
We love the Yoder Birth & Women's Center!

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