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Monday, December 31, 2007

Bailee's "first" Christmas

She loved loved loved the lights this year-- a family down the street from us does this whole crazy lights display (choreographed with their own AM radio station) and lets just say its awesome! Possible cause of epileptic seizures, I think so, but needless to say, Miss B was lovin't it!

After a long day of shopping (yes, we were shopping for Daddy on the eve...), we all had some snackies at G'ma H's and our little toddler got right down to business. I'm serious, if there were a job/college degree in gift unwrapping I think this little one would be #1 candidate. She was all business (and has the mullet to match)- making sure that every.last.bit.of.paper was off that present before she could open it or let anyone help her (ya right!) open it. She got some great edu. toys, dvds, and books. She had a blast and we all "tried" to go see Santa at the best lights display in town but after mom & dad got a cup of joe and hit the intersection she was asleep so ya, maybe next year St.Nick... but we did have a great time having some couple time under the 800,000 lights ARC display, it was great and well worth our donation!

Merry Christmas to us when Miss B decided to sleep in on Christmas day-- 8:30AM! WHOOT WHOOT! But this put us in a bit of a hurry to get presents opened (she didn't have a problem that morning), put on our Christmas best to wish Baby Jesus happy 2,000+ Birthday! **I forgot to make a cake-- note to self for next year... but Mass was nice until the little curious stinker got the fun "shaker" aka the cereal tupperware open and I just caught it before 800,000 cheerios went EVERYWHERE.. oh, to have kids and go to Mass-- what an adventure.

We hurried home, I scarfed down a sandwich and hurried off to Wesley for some more Christmas adventures while Dad & B headed to the farm for Christmas food and fun. Sick people don't take holidays?! What?! Needless to say there was a purpose in my working (reasons too long to type but thanks God for giving me the privilege) that day and I did my best to give all the fam. a call to wish them a Merry Christmas (didn't reach you all- sorry). After 12 grueling hours in every ICU in that hospital (as the only aide) I was home and fell asleep before I even hit the pillow... awe... sweet dreams.

Merry Christmas!

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