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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christmas Day!

Ok, so 1 tiny little detail we didn't share about Christmas day-- we found out Miss Bailee's going to be a BIG SISTER! So, CA probably still doesn't want me to spread the news too far (based on our past pregnancy sadness) but I think life's too short and that's why you have family and friends-- to support and love you no matter what... so, here you go! And coming from me who doesn't share anything more than she HAS to, that's HUGE! We told the Reeds Jan.5/6 and then dropped Miss B off at the Heinckers on Jan. 11th-- the shirt was a huge success not to mention Miss B's toddler tantrums made for some fun-- "haha, you're going to have 2" jokes!

We're expecting H2-- due to arrive in Daddy's arms (Yoder Birth Center) in August sometime (we'll find out more exactly at our gender-guessing sonogram; 20 weeks or so)-- SO, whoohoo-- life is going to get even better! We can't wait & I think Daddy is even more excited this time around (less fear=more fun!) And I could just about pee my pants I'm sooo pumped... timing isn't great-- the LPN program starts in August too (that is if its God will and I get in) but we'll cross that bridge when it comes.

Here's a couple pics of the BIG SISTER in all her glory.

Christmas Eve with Grandma Toni-- unwrapping is serious biz.

On our way to Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus~ Christmas Day Mass ~

Our little Ballerina punk girl... Awe... mommy's so proud!

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