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Friday, April 18, 2008

All little girls need kitchens! (and camo?)

Oh my have play kitchens come a long way... it brings to mind an old story told time and time again about little miss j's lack of imagination. haha, very funny guys. The story goes that my mom worked many tedious hours designing, constructing, and then adding an artiste's details so she could give her little girl a play kitchen. Made out of state-of-art cardboard boxes, she made a refrigerator, oven, and kitchen island and then filled it with tons of stuff (food, tools, not to mention oven mitts, and hand-made towels) and what did this sweet little toddler do? I asked what it was and what I do with it... nice! Okay, so my imagination hasn't changed a whole lot, I would much rather read a book (still true) than "play" with barbies, though the occassional barbie dress-up for the formal or conference (haha!) was okay. This all sounds a little familiar... someone else in our house is a book-a-holic... But this momma found a steal-of-a-deal on a kitchen, fridge, shopping cart + accessories! Check out the loot! So, I hope this soon-to-be 2-yr old will like it and not ask me "what do I do with it?!"

My reward for going out g-saling on Wednesday (really I was out getting some diapers and just happened to see the sign)...

Details, oh the details... and check out those oven mitts, apron, and chef's hat (I'm restraining myself from giving it to her early so "we" can play... okay, "me"!

Check out this food-- the wooden stuff can be "cut" by the awesome invention of velcro-- too cute! And name your toppings on the pizza; they are on there with velcro too. They threw in some other tupperware toy stuff and cheapy plastic foods and utensils, etc. but it all so darn cute!

Oh, what a fun metal shopping cart-- it looks sooo real! And it's stuffed with the last of the accessories, food, utensils, tupperware, etc.
I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Now, I'm just looking for a few other things (or how-to's for daddy to make) and we'll have our own little "world" downstairs. G-dad reed, we're working on the hunting lodge and camo... LOL, that's the thing, we don't have our basement finished (might be able to this winter) so where is it going to go... as you can see it's on the unfinished basement floor now so maybe some carpet scraps and it will be okay.

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