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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm becoming...

A Bradley childbirth instructor/doula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And even better... I'm going to the training conference right here in Wichita (makes it all possible because I can stay in my own bed, eat my own food, and be close to my daughter/family-- all for FREE! so I only had to come up with the valuable yet expensive conference fees and I'm pinching a few pennies for the great resources...)

I'm so excited I can't really put it into words... actually I have wanted to do this since the 1st day of our Bradley class when we arrived and our instructor had just had her 8th baby (3 days before!) I was shocked (I still had a lot of learning to do about natural childbirth) and I thought, wow! if she can do that, this natural childbirth thing is for me. Carl would tell you that our instructor was "too" informative but not me, I was SOAKING. IT. UP! I couldn't get enough info, videos, testimonies, websites, articles, exercises, you name it! I was bringing this baby into the world NATURALLY-- and until now I couldn't really explain to you why I felt sooo strongly about it besides the fact that it just felt "right". But now I know.

I have been swirling around in my own insane asylum aka my head trying to figure out what God's will for me is... what do you want me to do? what is my purpose on this earth? And I wish I could say it just hit me and now I "KNOW" but I can't... BUT I do trust I'm headed in the right direction with this Bradley thing... The other day I had an enlightening, tear-spilling episode while I was reading the most amazing book-- well, actually only the first chapter entitled Why I teach natural childbirth. And it hit me... God was literally writing the words as I read them. Every page or so is soaked with His Word and everything I was reading was so real for me. I just started crying... this is it, I've been trying to find a balance between learning more about YOU while providing for my husband and my family (without going out to join the rat race which I despise and You know this)-- I can interweave YOU into this... into all of this... into the daycare, into the Bradley education and doula service, YOU are the reason natural feels so right, because you are the Creator of Nature. Seems so simple but so me. Thank you for opening my eyes and giving such peace...
~Your daughter in Christ
Janine Claire Reed Heincker

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