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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I missed it...

Sigh, I am on a little bit of a low... I "missed" the first birth I was invited to attend/observe.
I had talked to the mom earlier that day (3pm) about her dilation/hypertension, etc. issues and that she was having contractions but they weren't that intense and she thought she might have this baby tonight. Then I called her doula (the person I am observing/assisting) and left a message (4pm) with her husband to have her call me asap. I received a call from the expecting husband at 7:45pm and got my things together, care arranged for Bailee in case I wasn't home in the morning (haha, Carl said--no worries, she's a 1st timer, it will be a while) and I headed out about 8:45pm. I got there about 9:15 and I was greeted by the expectan mom's mom with a, "are you Janine?" yes-- "oh hun, you missed the whole thing... but she did GREAT!" sigh... I guess everyone thought the other person had called me and hadn't earlier than ACTIVE LABOR... so ya, I missed it. But I did get to poke my head in and congratulate the momma- she was a little disappointed in herself (can we say transition- I told her we ALL do it!), very apologetic for me having missed it (oh girl, you had nothing else on your mind?! I just kept smiling...) and she needed some words of encouragement and a smiling face that wasn't hogging the baby... haha, the baby girl was precious, pink, and alert! WOW! Momma started to tell me all about the birth but I told her to rest... her doula assured me we would get together to chat again soon and momma wanted me to meet the fellow birth-junkie sister-in-law (she's an aspiring doula and CB educator who shares a love of natural childbirth and the bradleyR method). So I popped in to stand by the hot oven (birth day cake baking!!) and we chatted while she was nursing her toddler by the way-- whoohoo! I need to keep in contact with her (she is in the process of writing her dissertation on the effects of media on pregnant and nursing mothers)... chatted with the midwives who told me I couldn't let this inspire miss blair to come out... I KNOW! that's what Carl was afraid of too--1.5wks little missy and you can come out!! L&A told me they would do their best to get me in on some other births and assured me they would double check I was called next time (I shouldn't feel too bad, one of the MWs missed it too!) and headed home to pout, do pelvic rocks, and read some more birth books, I know... I'm obsessed-- but all the while I couldn't STOP smiling--I was INVITED, I had advised this mom on natural stuff, and the mom and baby were doing great-- another successful NATURAL childbirth in the books!!!

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