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Thursday, January 29, 2009

WOW... told you I would fall off the earth!

Well... sorry about the HUGE lapse although I doubt anyone noticed since there are just sooo many good blogs out there-- it really is a sharing world these days. But, I'm all about journaling so even if no one else reads this I gotta get it down somewhere... so here goes.

27th, 2008
She came in the middle of the night and right on cue (as predicted) when the rain started to fall-- I swore she was coming in a rain storm- mother's intuition or my wish to be in the rainforest of Hawaii, either way she blessed us with her presence at about 2:36am. She was welcomed by the "circus" as Carl affectionately called it-- mom (wouldn't have missed it for the world- hah!), dad aka hanging post coach and rock (I warned him he should have pumped some more iron), big sister Bailee "baby comin'?" accompanied by Aunt Emmie (her first birth let alone natural birth) and my dear friend and doula, Michelle C. Of course my lifeguards (CNMs Angel & Lois) were there with flashlight and "wows" behind their shield as the glistening bag of waters dared to spray them-- whoohoo for bulging... never thought it would actually happen to me, kudos to the incredible edible EGG! Long story short it was crazy intense and empowering and about 6hours later we stopped by the bakery for a dozen celebratory yoder cinnamon rolls and a quick drive thru at Spangles for that awesome OJ slush and we were home- a family of four. JOY!

Blair Anne's stats:
Weight: 7lb 4oz Height: 21.5in Hair color: unknown *but not red* Eyes: hazel (as of 1/27/09)
She's a joy-- so different than Bailee was growing up but just as sweet and cute (if I do say so myself). She had a little hand quirk but we're hoping to get 'er fixed up within the year or so... scared the crap out of her parental units at first but doesn't seem to slow her down much. I'll update on her progress later

So... that pretty much covers August. sigh.
stay tuned for sept 08-jan 09 if you have nothing better to do.