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Monday, October 15, 2007

sssshhhh.... we're hunting that rascally...


FINALLY! I got to sleep on the guest bed (our old bed) under the scratchy-softness of the "blue blanket" that came from who-knows-where, U.S. with my baby girl nursing tenderly at my breast and the pohbia-inducing sound of those black little evils... (you know what I'm talking about) outside. Other than the "evils", I can't imagine a more wonderful way to drift off to never-never land... you know, I haven't been able to recall a dream in ages. Well, at least 16 mos. or so, because it was during my pregnancy with Bailee, I think? Hhhhmmm... maybe that should be my goal- set my mind at ease so I can enjoy a dream again.

Ok, so today's M.O.M

1. Get the house back in tip-top shape (the fun's over-back to "normal") and put all these darn flies out of their misery.
~THANKS to all that joined us this weekend to celebrate the notorious trio's b-days! We had a fly-swattin' good time in the man cave (uh oh, have we entered r-neck ville?) nope, just another Heincker/Reed get together. We love you ALL!

2. Read A Mother's Rule of Life (Chapter #1) with the Scripture!
Now that I'm "home" I need to get this in gear... looking for some Christ-centered organization in your life you can LIVE with? Check it out: A Mother's Rule of Life.

3. Get all my scrapbook stuff together to sell.
I decided last night that I am never going to get hard-copy scrapbooks done to my perfection status so I might as well stop trying to get that clutter out of my life and move on! I'm going to look into getting a digi-scrap kit and get some awesome scrapbooks printed (binded and everything-- anyone want one??)
a. CA & I's love dash (b4 marriage, wedding, honeymoon, b4 B)
b. Our baby dash (b4 our 2 angels, preggo w/B, Bailee's here!)
c. Bailee's dash (preg, birth, firsts, conferences & travels... oh my, going to have to be picky picky... as G-ma R says, don't ask Janine if she has any pics of Bailee)
d. Janine's YM dash (Sacred Heart, SEAS)
e. I know there is something else I'm missing... maybe a "You know you live in Wichita if..."

4. Work on work options.
a. Part-time lucrative job to pay bills NOW! (know of any?)
b. Still toying with the daycare, teaching, small-biz options...
c. CNA agency options are getting slim... have to have 1 yr. of experience in 3-- hello! I've been serving youth, but maybe AS can help me out...
d. Bright Minds
-call Vicky (confer, etc.)
-book 2 workshops
-read 1/2 of consultant book

Between that and the ADLs, that is more than enough to keep us busy today. Wish us luck!

NOTE TO SELF: cut & paste so you actually do it JANINE!

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